AVANCE Design Studio

AVANCE Design Studio is a Full- service interior design house, with a focus on residential, commercial, and administrative concepts, founded in 2019 in Cairo. We pride ourselves on providing high-end designs, as well as ensuring their seamless implementation and the best possible results, thanks to the expertise and experience of our dedicated team..

Our expert teams

Our expert teams strive to develop and build aesthetic masterpieces that really work, since we at AVANCE believe architecture is ultimately about people’s happiness and the creation of spaces that make them feel good, our devoted team works to ensure that each of our clients receives the utmost in both aesthetic and practical satisfaction.


Design Services

Providing Full Service Design Packages for Clients with Expertise in Residential, Commercial, administrative and retail Projects RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL - ADMINISTRATIVE - RETAIL

Project Management & Construction

By combining the expertise of our owned construction firm’s team with our experienced project managers, we are able to offer a full range of construction and project management services, all while maintaining our commitment to precision and eliminating unnecessary hassles for our clients. Hold off until you get the space you've always wanted!


The core of interior design is catering to the client by creating spaces that are tailored to their preferences, lifestyle, and demands. When it comes to creating a design that is a true reflection of who you are and your own personal signature, we really excel.
In that case, how does it function?! In order to make your dreams a reality and guarantee that we completely understand your vision, our process consists of the following phases.

In our initial meeting, we work together to draft a detailed design brief outlining your needs, wants, and the overall style you wish to implement in your space,  that’s where we go through your mood boards to help you define your design style. Additionally, we will examine the property’s layout, location, views, sun angles, and surrounding environment, as well as discuss and analyze the project’s timeline and budget..

During this step, we confirm that your space design complies with standard building code practices and then present floor plan choices that best fulfill your needs and the purpose of the space for your assessment, including space zoning, flow plans, room types, sizes, and more.
We shall agree on and finish the zoning and space flow plan at the conclusion of this phase, resulting in a thorough new floor plan for your space.
We now have a new personalized floor layout that best meets your space objectives, maximizing your space potentials! It’s time to let your imagination and creative side run wild and watch our specialists bring it to life, as our design team will craft initial interior elevations proposing interior and exterior finishes, cabinetry design, lighting positions, and tile install specifics at this step.

Depending on the client’s package, our team will provide an illustration  sketch demonstrating the design concept implementations for your review at the end of this phase. Then, after making all required changes, we will deliver the final architectural drawings specifications in 3D for our customers to get a realistic vision of his new space.

Project Management & Construction

With our own construction company, we promise to provide professional contractors and builders who can transform your space and implement our designs to turn your space into a picture-perfect reality.
When designing this service, our goal was to provide accurate execution with minimal hassle. This is why we designate a skilled project manager, whose primary responsibility is to put you at ease and make sure everything is in place. With this service, our customers can wave goodbye to any hassle since AVANCE has taken care of everything.



Due to our full confidence in our construction and building crew, we offer a guarantee on all of our completed designs, some of which may be extended to a lifetime warranty!
Team vibes
Yes, we do count our devoted well trained team as a perk as we chose each and everyone of them making sure they don’t just excel in their field moreover mastering in communication with people, cause we don’t look at our clients as project instead we aim to build an everlasting relationship with true people
We are proud of our hardworking, highly-trained staff since we carefully selected each member, making sure they aren’t just experts in their respective fields but also masters at communicating with others. This is because, unlike other businesses, we don’t view our customers as a project but as genuine people with whom we hope to form long-lasting relationships.
Yes, we consider our dedicated and well-trained team to be an advantage since we carefully selected each and every one of them to ensure that they not only excel in their field but also master communication with people, because we don’t view our clients as projects but rather as true people with whom we want to build long-term relationships.
Welcome Home Kit

Even when our time together is through, we always strive to leave a warm and welcoming impression in our customers’ homes, since our attention to detail isn’t confined to the design and implementation stages. AVANCE has put together a special welcome home kit to share our wishes that their new home will be a haven of peace, love, and happiness in order to say goodbye with a smile.